Dice Roll Café

Inspired by the booming success of the board game café-scene in North America, our mission at Dice Roll Café is to strengthen that culture here in Glasgow, and help to open that scene up to new people.

Creating a cool and comfy environment at Saramago CCA’s café bar, in Glasgow’s city-centre, we welcome people of all ages and background to experience the joy of good food, good games and good company!

Play any game, all-day, for just £2 per person, from our in-house collection. Why not re-visit a few classics from your childhood like Hungry Hungry Hippos, Buckeroo! or Operation. Keep your mind agile with timeless games like Chess, Scrabble or Risk! Or be adventurous and try some lesser-known classic titles of modern gaming including Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and Ticket to Ride- our team at Dice Roll are always willing to walk you through a game.

Whether you’re looking for a lazy afternoon with friends, a day of real quality time with the family, an alternative night out, or a memorable date experience- come down to The Dice Roll Café!

Now regularly appearing at Saramago every two weeks, a day-long Sunday event, from 12PM till evening. Serving Saramago’s brunch menu from noon, and a fantastic dinner menu from 5PM!

Get yourself and all your friends down on our next Sunday date and show us there is that appetite for great food and great games in Glasgow!

Dice Roll Café

Saramago Cafe Bar Centre for Contemporary Arts 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 3JD