What is Meeple Mapper?

Meeple Mapper is a website listing all the physical spaces in the UK related to boardgaming; whether that’s meetups, stores, board game cafes or events (like UK Games Expo).

Why make Meeple Mapper?

Many of the boardgaming meetups have an online presence nowadays, but as a whole the community is scattered amongst Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Board Game Geek and their own websites. This can make it incredibly difficult to just find the stuff near you. I figured, as a web developer, making Meeple Mapper was the best way for me to help our community.

Where does the data come from?

All data is manually added to Meeple Mapper, but is taken from source. On a monthly basis, all meetup dates are checked on their online presence of choice and then used to populate their upcoming events on Meeple Mapper.

Why are there no Wargaming or Card Collecting Games listed?

As the name might suggest, Meeple Mapper is keeping focused to just boardgaming. It’s not to be exclusionary, it’s just I’d rather serve one community well than serve three communities poorly. It’s the neatest line I could draw.

I’d welcome anyone to make the equivalent websites for Wargaming and CCGs.

What can I do if there’s something missing?

You can let me know! Meeple Mapper has a contact form where you can submit any missing data.